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Xan Taft

Xan Taft

Why Hire Locally Grown Talent?

So, you have an important project to staff and you’re wondering whether to cast your net near or far? Should you consider hiring locally grown talent, or look elsewhere?

I like to say that the tomato with the richest color, flavor and fragrance is the one grown your own backyard. In a pinch, a tomato from the grocery store will do, but it is like comparing a memory of a tomato to the real thing – and always at a premium price!

In recent years the “Farm to Table” movement has taken off. Restaurants have found great advantage in purchasing their produce and meats locally receive numerous benefits: the food is more nutritious, tastes better, and supports the local economy. All around win-win!

So why hasn’t this logic been applied to other business sectors?

Large corporations are stuck in the past, in many cases only hire “big 5” Consultants and Integration partners from approved vendor lists. These firms are large corporations themselves. Many operate by hiring College Grads and MBAs straight from school. These individuals have no experience in anything business process related and are equipped with loads of pretty slide libraries and cookie cutter spreadsheets they ask your teams of SMEs to fill out for a premium price. In many cases this doesn’t add value and runs the risk of negatively impacting your team’s morale.

What can be done?

Three words..hire local talent. Smaller, boutique firms like A2B Apps are made up of a team of experienced consultants who have each actually served in the roles previously. These individuals are positioned to successfully roll up their sleeves and do the work in question, and not just direct others to do it. These teams are full of individuals who are passionate about the work they do and have ventured into consulting to share and help others avoid all of the pitfalls they have already experienced (often while working at a large corporation).  Their experience allows them to anticipate issues that frequently arise with any new project to ensure that everyone’s time is utilized efficiently.

And the best part? These boutique firms can often be found near you – lessening the need to cover exuberant hotel costs and daily expenses. Look around you, we’re here, we’re experienced, and we want to help!

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