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Xan Taft

Xan Taft

System Considerations of Salesforce Lightning

For the average user, the switch to Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX) can be difficult. Before making this transition, it is important to consider if the following aspects of Classic are important to your organization.

1) Custom Buttons with Javascript – Any Custom Button functionality that contains Javascript is not supported in Lightning. All custom buttons would need to be recreated as URL buttons, quick actions or Lightning components to provide you with the same custom button functionality.

2) Activity Related List/ Activity History – Lightning presents a challenge around activities for organizations that rely on task customizations.

           a. Related list is by activity timeline on record detail pages. This means that the standard page layout is replaced by a limited quick action.

           b. Full Task functionality is only available when creating Tasks from the  Activity Tab

                            i. Assigning Tasks to Groups or multiple Users

                            ii. Associating Tasks to multiple Contacts

                            iii. Selecting Task Record Type (if in use)

3) Sharing Button – this functionality does not yet exist in Lightning. Proceed with caution if your organization has many private objects and your users utilize the sharing button to complete work.

4) Ability to sort List Views Alphabetically – the handy alphabet sorter available on Classic list views disappears in Classic mode. This makes finding relevant records challenging when list views return 100s of results.

5) Limited Fields on Related Lists – Having frequently found the Classic limit of 10 fields on a related list difficult to satisfy Users requests – try moving to a limit of 4 fields on Related Lists with Lightning. There are a few workarounds in place, however. Users can see the full list of fields by clicking “View All” or add admins can add a Related List Quick List which makes all 10 fields are viewable by hovering.

6) No alert of text field character limits – and actually the functionality is worse than simply not alerting Users they are out of characters. Lightning mode allows users to keep typing (almost indefinitely) only to
truncate their entry to the correct field character limit when they save. It’s not pleasant and rather difficult to explain where their 3 paragraph case resolution details disappeared too…

7) Date/ System fields render incorrectly when viewing in Internet Explorer. For seemingly no reason at all in Lightning it can appear a different user created a case on a different day. The dates can even appear
different (and still incorrect) when viewed on another day. Switch to Classic and everything is correct.

8) Unable to Export Reports without saving. While I understand the business functionality behind this decision, this can still be a pain point for Users who have traditionally been able to put together a quick report, run it, and export. Now the Export option does not even appear until the report has been saved.

9) Unable to see other users following a record -In Classic, it is easy to see from a record detail page if you or anyone else is following that record. This is important as it impacts who received chatter alerts automatically and who doesn’t. No such visibility in Lightning.


10) Lookup Filters don’t work in Lightning. Filters will continue to apply in Classic mode, but in Lightning the fields revert to the unfiltered versions.

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