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Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Salesforce User Reporting Tips


How often do you find yourself clicking in and out of records to collect the data you need to answer questions coming from the c-suite? If you’re accessing more than 2 or 3 records per question, you’re wasting valuable time that could be saved with a report.

You could wait on your admin to add your report request to the queue or you could learn some basic reporting skills and do it yourself!

Many organizations utilize report type templates that enable you to quickly summarize things like open opportunities by sales rep, contacts and accounts by state, and sales pipeline values. You can sort report results and add filters and logic to guarantee that you are reviewing only the data you want to see.

Since data quality is a critical component of your report, it is necessary that you first ensure you have a thorough understanding of your organization’s data formatting. As you can imagine (or worse yet, as you may already know), distorted information can create a ton of confusion. When reports and dashboards are unreliable, everyone from the c-suite to your sales reps question the process and, at times, the entire system. This has huge impacts on user adoption rates and has been identified as one of the top 3 reasons CRM projects fail. But more on data quality later…

Second, confirm you have the necessary permission set to create reports and dashboards. If you’re unable to do so, contact your system admin for more information regarding your organization’s report policy.

Once you’re comfortable with your working knowledge of the data and you’re permitted to create reports, dive in!!

To create a new report, navigate to reports, select the report type you wish to create, and click new report. Add the fields you’re most interested in and any necessary filters before selecting the time frame and running the report. Once you’re satisfied the results, save, access, and modify the report as needed.

If you find that you’re reviewing the results on a regular basis, consider creating a dashboard to display your report. For more on reports and dashboards, contact the A2B Apps team to see how we can support you and your CRM reporting needs.

A2B Apps is your partner in realizing your company’s goals through strategy development, turnkey solution implementation and custom design projects. As solution consultants, we feature quick start packages to ensure sustainable success across an ever-changing business landscape within a variety of industries. In addition to general training, we offer supplemental material that includes quick reference guides, webinars, and in person sessions to ensure a well-designed and executed training plan. We leverage all the necessary elements including end user and super user training to help you maximize your investment in CRM tools.

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